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Welcome to Wild's Creek Online Store!
Welcome tom Wild's Creek Online Store!

Sweet Tee Shirt Club

We are very excited to offer these monthly T Shirt Designs, we know you will love them as well!  These Shirts will be shipped to you on a monthly basis in the size you choose. Each design will be hand picked by Michele & Stoney
We will do our best to pick tasteful designs so you don't get shirts that you will not wear. These shirts will be different every month as in color and design. Some may be solid color and some may be bleached tees. But everyone will get the same shirt and design each month.
Be aware that when you sign up for the Shirt Club that they are only filled once a month. 
The cost of this Subscription is $25 with shipping included. 
Please choose your size on the dropdown selection before signing up.
This is a PayPal only offer. You are in control of your subscription and can cancel anytime through you PayPal account. 
Shirt Size